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Stainless Steel Tanks: Revolutionizing with the Automatic Welding Mechanism

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At EUROINOX, the development and implementation of innovative solutions in the manufacturing of stainless steel tanks are central to our philosophy. Offering high-quality solutions for stainless steel wine tanks, stainless steel olive oil tanks, stainless steel chemical tanks, stainless steel honey tanks, and a variety of other stainless steel solutions, the introduction of the automatic welding machine Giostra marks a new era in our production.

Technological Innovation of the Rotary Welding Machine

The new rotary welding machine falls into the category of pioneering technologies. Manufactured by leading European houses in Germany and Italy, this machine adopts force tig welding technology, which offers exceptional quality and durability in welds, crucial elements for every stainless steel tank construction.

Benefits of Advanced Technology in Stainless Steel Tank Construction

Increased Quality: The force tig technology allows for the production of stainless steel tanks with superior welding quality, ensuring continuous durability and reliability of the products.

Production Acceleration: With the automation of the process, the construction of stainless steel tanks becomes faster, reducing delivery times and increasing customer satisfaction.

Increased Consistency and Service: The superior quality and automation of Giostra ensure the stability of the final product, enhancing the overall customer experience and trust in EUROINOX.

At EUROINOX, we recognize that continuous investments in advanced technologies, such as the rotary welding machine, are crucial for maintaining our leadership position in stainless steel tank manufacturing. With this innovation, we reaffirm our commitment to providing products that exceed our customers’ expectations, demonstrating our passion and commitment to excellence.