Euroinox Projects

Expansion of storage space with stainless steel tanks in the company Yormani Chemicals from Euroinox.

Another important project in the chemical industry was completed by the Euroinox team at the GIORMANIS CHEMICALS facility in Aspropirgos.

The specifications of the project required stainless steel tanks with specifications of raw materials 304L and 316L which are ideal for storage. The expansion of the company’s storage space concerned the construction and installation of tanks with a capacity of 255 and 133 tonnes all capacity of 2.100 tonnes.

Euroinox has fully undertaken the entire project, from the study and construction to the transport and installation of stainless steel. In addition, our company built on the spot the stainless – steel network through which the tanks and the.

The challenge in this project was the high-level requirements that existed as the tanks of GIORMANIS CHEMICALS host strong chemicals. The Euroinox experience and the renowned team can cope with any challenge.

If your company needs simple or complex stainless steel tank installations, you can contact Euroinox.