Euroinox Projects

Falcon: New project of 300,000 liter oxide tanks from Euroinox.

Falcon – in recent years – has invested in the creation of an all-new state-of-the-art technology, a sustainable oil mining facility, a bottling facility, and a warehouse in Sigri, Lesvos.

The company grows 40,000 olive trees every year and produces nutritious olive oil, rich in polyphenols and vitamin E. Each of the 12 selected varieties (from the island of Lesvos and from other regions) gives something special, unique flavors, and distinct fragrances. As is clear, in this project Euroinox had to face the challenge ofining and increasing the storage quality of Falcon olive oil. In addition, it was very important for us and for the

customer to be able to make the most of the company’s special spaces in order to have as many storage spaces as possible for the storage of individual olive oil varieties.

Thus, we proceeded to study and design 8 three-storey, 6 large single-piece, and 12 small stainless – steel tanks for the safe management and storage of olive oil – with a capacity of 300,000 liters – according to the most modern standards.

Another peculiarity of the project was the need to inactivate the olive oil during its storage. This was achieved by using a nitrogen generator, which supplies nitrogen to the entire Falcon tank network.

Finally, we achieved safe access to the reservoirs of 3 apartments, constructing stainless steel corridors of 3 levels in height while preserving the special aesthetic character of the area of the olive grove.

Euroinox is a pioneer in the manufacture of stainless – steel olive oil tanks and always offers custom-made solutions based on your needs.